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Tommy Cuddyhardt # 1/2

Tommy realized he had a gift behind the wheel when he was forced to rush his brother, Lester to the hospital during an emergency. Although only six years old at the time, Tommy managed to get from his home to the hospital--a 32 mile drive--in just under five and a half minutes. However, in the heat of the excitement, Tommy left Lester at home who later died.

(as of September 7, 1999 - 23 Races)
Current Position: 2nd with 370 Points
Weekly Points Average: 17.3 (down)
Best Week's Points Score: 33 on 4/25
Worst Week's Points Score: 7 on 6/27 and 3/14
Best Week's Position Average: 7.2 on 3/21
Worst Week's Position Average: 19.8 on 3/28
Total Winners Picked: 5
Total Poles Picked: 6
Favorite Beer: Schlitz Malt Liquor in 2 Liter Bottles
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