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Roger Irvinhardt # 0

Roger's racing career began last year when he mistakenly hopped into a Winston Cup car, thinking it was his own, after a long day at the track. The police chase became legendary and Roger was immediately signed on to the #0 car after his brief prison term.

(as of September 7, 1999 - 23 Races)
Current Position: 3rd with 306 Points
Weekly Points Average: 13.3 (up)
Best Week's Points Score: 33 on 6/27
Worst Week's Points Score: 1 on 6/20 (doesn't get lower, folks!)
Best Week's Position Average: 6.8 on 3/7
Worst Week's Position Average: 27.6 on 8/15
Total Winners Picked: 8
Total Poles Picked: 4
Favorite Beer: Zima with a twist (oh, that's not a beer)
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