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Ricky Dalehardt # -1

Ricky has been racing since he was seven months old. At the age of four, he had won the National Soap Box Derby Championships but was later disqualified when it was discovered that he had "motorized" his vehicle with a hamster powered wheel.

(as of September 7, 1999 - 23 Races)
Current Position: 1st with 467 Points
Weekly Points Average: 20.3 (down)
Best Week's Points Score: 32 on 3/14
Worst Week's Points Score: 6 on 4/25
Best Week's Position Average: 5.2 on 6/20
Worst Week's Position Average: 24.4 on 4/25
Total Winners Picked: 9
Total Poles Picked: 5
Favorite Beer: Kroger Cost-Cutter in the yellow can
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