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My Hotwheel Collection

Howdy. There's nothing fancy about this page. It's just a listing of all of my collector Hot Wheels cars. Now, why would any dweeby moron do such a thing? Well, I collected all of these when I was a kid (in the 70's and mostly 80's) and took really good care of them. I'm not sure why I chose to do this, because I manage to trash most of the other things I had while growing up. Well, when I married and had kids of my own, I let my son play with them--I could resist. Toys were meant to be played with and loved on. Most of the cars below are still in pretty good shape. Also, I'm quite certain that some of the cars listed below are newer (purchased for my son and accidentally placed in my collection). Currently, I'm feeling out the market to see what some of these are worth. If you're a collector and would like to e-mail me about any of the cars, please feel free to do so. However, make sure you put something in the SUBJECT of your letter about Hot Wheels, because I get tons of e-mail every day--most of it junk.

NOTES ON NAMING OF CARS - If the car had an official name on the bottom, I used it to describe the car. If it did not and had something like a name via the paint scheme, I used that. If it had nothing resembling a name, I made something up that described the car, rather than just giving them arbitrary names like Steve, Joe or Ned.

ONE OTHER NOTE - Almost all of my cars have a permanent marker black mark on the bottom. It could be very easily removed, but I haven't messed with doing it. This was done while I was a boy so that I wouldn't mix my cars up with those of my friends.

3 color change.jpg - This is one that my son had, I'm sure. It used to change colors depending on the temperature of the water you put it in. Now it seems to be stuck in this state. I realize that I'm off to a bad start by showing this one first, but my list is alphabetical and the numerically named cars just happened to come up first.

31 Doozie.jpg - I actually remember buying this one as a boy at the flea market in Shipshewana, Indiana. Anyway, the top has broken off and it's nowhere to be found. Trust me, they get better. I have some really good ones in here.

82 Supra.jpg - I think this is one that ended up in my box that was my son's. Sorry.

93 Warner.jpg - Not sure where this one came from, either. It's in great shape.

A Truck n NN.jpg - Ok, here's where it gets good. This one is in great shape.

American Hauler.jpg - I also have the "American Tipper" (see below). This one is in good shape and the back door still works.

American Tipper.jpg - I also have the "American Hauler" (see above). The dumper still moves easily and the truck is in good shape.

Baja Breaker.jpg - Another gem. The plastic hood still works on this. I really liked this one as a kid.

black Scorchers.jpg - This is one of the old Hot Wheels SCORCHERS cars that runs on kinetic energy (ha! that means that you rev it up by moving it back and forth). As you can see, the rubber rear wheels are no longer with the vehicle.

blue Eagle truck.jpg - This truck has appeared in many paint schemes. This particular one is a personal favorite. The blue is actually a little darker than the digital picture shows. It's in great shape. I have another one of these that used to have a snow plow attached to it, but it came off (see Speedy Removal below).

Bubble Gunner.jpg - A classic Hot Wheel. The car is in great shape. I didn't generally buy a lot of weird cars and stuck with the ones that more resembled real cars, but I just had to have this one (the same goes for Spacer Racer).

Buzz Off.jpg - This one has The Gold One on the front. The back section tips open.

Chief Fire Dept.jpg - Another classic Hot Wheel that appeared with many paint schemes (like Maxi Taxi below).

Corvette Hiraker.jpg - Ahh, the Hi-rakers....I loved these cars. This series has rear wheels that can be adjusted up or down. This older model Corvette is in great condition. All of my Hi-rakers work as they are supposed to.

Corvette Stingray white 35.jpg - I have this car in orange as well (below). The paint is a little worn away on this one.

Corvette Stingray.jpg - Same car as the one above, but in a different color.

Datsun 200 SX.jpg - As you can see, the hood works on this puppy. It's in great shape.

Don Snake Prudhomme.jpg - The dragsters are the best. I recall also having the "Mongoose" car from the same era, but it's turned up missing. Anyway, this one is in good shape.

dragon pickup.jpg - This was a great truck, but the camper has come off and is now lost.

GMC Palm Beach.jpg - I've seen this van listed online for big dollars. It's in good shape.

Greased Gremlin.jpg - I loved the Gremlin. It was a great car by AMC. I think they should bring it back--heh. If you like AMC cars, there's the Gremlin Grinder and Packin' Pacer below.

green Hiraker.jpg - Another Hi-raker...this one looks something like a futuristic open-wheel car.

Gremlin Grinder.jpg - Another gremlin...This little guy is very solid--also in good shape.

Hare Splitter.jpg - A racing rabbit and in excellent shape.

Heavy Chevy.jpg - This Camero might have had some other paint on it at one time. I cannot remember.

Hemi Hauler.jpg - This is perhaps one of my favorite cars and I don't know if I'll actually part with it (unless the price is too good to pass up). As you can see, it's another dragster and it's in awesome condition/

Hi Raker Dodge.jpg - This mini-truck is in good shape.

Highway Patrol 12.jpg - Your typical cop car from the 70's and 80's.

Hot Bird.jpg - It's Smokey and the Bandit all over again. I can just see Burt Reynolds and Sally Field sitting in this Trans-Am as they are chased by the infamous Sheriff Buford T. Justice. The paint is a little scratched on this one, but it's still in good shape.

Jaguar XJS.jpg - This Jag is in excellent condition, which is good since getting parts to fix a Jag is ridiculous (heh).

Maxi Taxi.jpg - It's the Fire Chief (above), but this time in yellow with a taxi paint scheme. The car is in good shape.

military vehicle.jpg - Not sure if this one came from my collection or my sons. It's in excellent condition.

Mirada Stocker.jpg - A great stock car, but the paint is a little scratched.

Mustang II dragster.jpg - Another dragster. This one will not stay propped up on its own, but it still works fine.

Mustang yellow with orange.jpg - This car is sort of ugly and it's from the ugly Mustang era. However, it's in nice condition.

Neet Streeter.jpg - A pure classic. Wow!!

Old Number 5.jpg - Old time fire truck in good shape.

Omni 024.jpg - I'm not sure why Hot Wheels decided to make an Omni--what a boring car. However, I used to own one so I like it. The metal is a little bent above one of the doors--bummer.

orange thing.jpg - I have no idea where this one came from.

P 911.jpg - Great Porsche. Paint is a little worn.

Packin Pacer.jpg - The beloved Pacer. Incredibly ugly, but in good shape, nonetheless.

Paddy Wagon.jpg - Here's another Hot Wheels classic. The plastic top stay on, but it's broken away a bit where it fastens on.

Peterbilt.jpg - There are two hoses at the end of this truck that pull out. Still works. I would guess this one to be in high demand.

police 123.jpg - Nothing exciting about this one...of course, unless YOU think it's exciting, then it's worth millions.

prowler.jpg - The Prowler. Cool stuff. It's in good shape.

Racebait 308.jpg - This was one of my first cars and it's a little worn.

Racing Stocker.jpg - The Mountain Dew stock car. Didn't Daryl Waltrip used to drive this way back when?

rail job NN.jpg - An all-time classic car. Good stuff.

Royal Flash.jpg - Lotus. Great shape.

Science Friction purple.jpg - I also have this one in white.

Science Friction.jpg - Also in purple.

Sol Aire CX4.jpg - This car is VERY heavy and in excellent shape.

Spacer Racer.jpg - A freaky car that I couldn't resist buying as a kid.

Speedy Removal.jpg - The plow has broken off.

stutz.jpg - Another favorite and in excellent shape.

T Totaller.jpg - Another classic. The paint is a little worn, but still in good condition.

truck with cycles.jpg - Classic...see...I told you there were some good ones here.

Upfront 924.jpg - Good shape.

Vette Van Hiraker.jpg - Probably the coolest of all of the Hi-rakers.

yellow 17.jpg - A stock car. Good condition.

Z Whiz.jpg - Datsun...a name that means QUALITY!!!! Good condition.