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Fellers: I managed to accidentally erase part of this. However, the totals are correct. If you have your picks and want to re-send them, feel free. Otherwise, whatever is written here is correct. Since I have the correct totals, there's no real harm done. So there.

week 11

LINE rog tom dave m warren pat lloyd dave b RESULTS
Atlanta at TB TB by 7 team TB TB TB team team TB TB 19-10 
Balt at Cincy Batl by 5 t Balt Balt Balt t t Balt Balt 34-31
Buffalo at Jets Buffalo by 2.5 t Buffalo Buff Buffalo t t Buffalo Jets 17-7
Carolina at Cleveland Carolina by 5.5 t Carolina Carolina Carolina t t Carolina Carolina 31-17
Chicago at SD even steven t Chicago SD Chicago t t Chicago Chicago 23-20
Dallas at Arizona Dallas by 2 t Dallas Dallas Dallas t t Arizona Arizona 13-9
Detroit at GB GB by 4 t Detroit Detroit Detroit t t GB GB 26-17
NO at Jax Jax by 12.5 t NO NO Jax t t Jax Jax 41-7
NE at Miami Miami by 3.5 t Miami NE NE t t Miami Miami 27-17
Giants at Wash Wash by 5.5 t Giants Wash Giants t t Giants Wash 23-13
Pitt at Tenn Tenn by 5.5 t Pitt Tenn Tenn t t Tenn Tenn 16-10
Seattle at KC KC by 3 t KC KC KC t t Seattle Seattle 31-19
SL at SF SL by 7 t SL SL SL t t SL SL 23-7
Oakland at Denver Denver by 1.5 x Denver Oakland Denver x x Denver Denver 27-17
Weekly Regular Total:  x x x x x x x
DO OR DIE +/-: 2 2 2 2 2 2 2
WEEKLY TOTAL: 10 9 8 10 ? 11 14
PREVIOUS POINTS: 82 70 81 83 75 78 71
TOTAL SCORE: 92 79 90 93 ?? 89 85

*Indianapolis COLTS - Do or Die Bonus:
If you pick the COLTS and they WIN, you will get that point, plus have two bonus points added to your total weekly score.
If you pick the COLTS and they LOSE, you will not get that point, and have one point taken away from your total weekly score.