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week 8

LINE rog tom dave m warren pat lloyd dave b RESULTS
Dolphins at Raiders Raiders by 3 Raiders Raiders Dolphins Dolphins Dolphins Raiders Raiders Dolphins 16-9
Bills at Ravens Bills by 3.5 Bills Bills Bills Bills Bills Bills Bills Bills 13-10
Panthers at Falcons Falcons by 2 Panthers Panthers Falcons Falcons Falcons Panthers Panthers Falcons 27-20
Bears at Redskins Redskins by 8.5 Bears Bears Bears Redskins Bears Bears Redskins Redskins 48-22
Browns at Saints Saints by 9.5 Saints Browns Saints Saints Saints Browns Browns Browns 21-16
Jags at Bengals Jags by 12 Jags Jags Jags Jags Bengals Jags Jags Jags 41-10
Vikes at Broncos Vikes by 2.5 Vikes Vikes Vikes Vikes Vikes Vikes Vikes Vikes 23-20
Pats at Cards Pats by 3 Pats Pats Pats Pats Cards Pats Pats Pats 27-3
Giants at Eagles Giants by 2.5 Giants Philly Giants Giants Giants Giants Giants Giants 23-17
Chargers at Chiefs EVEN Chiefs Chiefs Chiefs Chargers Chiefs Chiefs Chiefs Chiefs 34-0
Rams at Titans Rams by 3 Titans Titans Rams Rams Rams Rams Rams Titans 24-21
Bucs at Lions Lions by 2.5 Lions Lions Bucs Lions Bucs Lions Lions Lions 20-3
Seahawks at Packers Pack by 5 Pack Pack Pack Pack Pack Seahawks Pack Seahawks 27-7
Weekly Regular Total:  8 7 7 9 6 9 9
DO OR DIE +/-: 2 0 0 2 2 2 2
WEEKLY TOTAL: 10 7 7 11 8 11 11
PREVIOUS POINTS: 56 52 54 53 51 52 49
TOTAL SCORE: 66 59 61 64 59 63 60

*Indianapolis COLTS - Do or Die Bonus:
If you pick the COLTS and they WIN, you will get that point, plus have two bonus points added to your total weekly score.
If you pick the COLTS and they LOSE, you will not get that point, and have one point taken away from your total weekly score.