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Hanagan attempts to eat cake
He Can Pick the Winners, But Can He Eat Cake?

NFL Gridiron "geek" Tom Hanagan has proven over the past two weeks that he can pick the winners. Tom has been on top of the weekly heap for the past two weeks and is now only 1 point off second place geek El Padre and 6 points off leader Rick Ehrhardt. But, can he eat cake? Secret photos obtained by the Gridiron Press reveal that, not surprisingly, the answer is a clear cut, "NO!".

"This all started after Riley was born." notes devoted wife Tiffini referring to the birth of their first child, Riley Alice Hanagan. "When we were dating, and even during the first few years of our marriage Tom and I used to eat cake together all the time. Now, I just can't take him to weddings, birthday parties or barmitzvahs".

Hanagan's spokeperson issued a statement earlier this week indicating that he is currently seeking treatment for the condition and hopes to be able to return to normal cake eating soon.